Perils of Wisdom

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Project Description

This is the fourth record by Pete Brown and Phil Ryan, who have worked together on and off since Phil joined Pete’s band Piblokto in 1970. This time they have used their working band, Psoulchedelia, for this latest venture. It is an organic mixture of original songs, with elements of soul, blues and jazz, with featured virtuoso instrumentalists Annie Whitehead, Lee Goodall and Alan Weekes. Not by any means a retro record, Perils is soulful, lyrical, humorous and angrily political by turns. Standout tracks include the mournful Eva’s Blues (predicting an Amy Winehouse style tragedy, but written three years before that event) and the hilarious and rather rude Motormothe r(is a car a male or female organ? That’s the question for the listener!).


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